Chelsea and Conrad Custom Folio Wedding Invitations

Bonjour!!! It’s been a hot minute.

I’m finally getting a few moment to share some of what ChicLeVogue has been up to. Check out Chelsea and Conrad’s chic Folio Invitations.

Each guest got a package that was addressed to them. How exciting to get a package like this in the mail.

Here is how each invite was delicately wrapped in tissue just like a gift.

Check out the invitations opened. We brought in all the blings into this invite. Chelsi is a Chanel junkie and it worked out well that we was getting married to Conrad whose name coincidentally starts with a c also!!!! We interlocked the c’s just like the Chanel logo. I loved working on this. Anybody who knows me knows how much of a Chanel junkie I am.
custom wedding invitations silk folios

The invites themselves were thermographed in gold and silver ink. Timeless colors!!!
silk folio invite wedding invitation

Check out back of the invite. Isn’t it gorgeous? Along with the interlocking “chanel” c’s, we extended the branding a little further with a custom monogram.
custom wedding invitations silk folios

We also included a custom map for direction from the hotel to Piazza in the Village which is where the ceremony and reception took place.
custom map

And of course no invite is complete without a custom response cards!!! Check it out along with the envelopes. paper yuminess

I honestly truly enjoyed working on this invite and cannot wait to share some of their custom day of stationery.

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It’s been so long

Can’t believe I haven’t updated this space in a while. About to change that. Pictures coming soon!!!

ChicLeVogue Wedding Blog – Where Wedding Meets Fashion

Danielle + Dennis

I enjoyed every bit of designing Danielle’s invitation. I met Danielle through one of my college friends and at the time she had her consult, she didn’t have a color picked. But it all worked out perfectly at the end of the day. She’s one of my fav brides. Danielle was very calm and Dennis did everything he could to support his bride to be. It was a pleasure to work with both of you guys.

They selected a pink hand woven silk boxes.

I wrapped the main invitation around a pink ribbon.

Thanks Danielle and Den. It was a pleasure working with both of you.
I’ll feature Danielle’s wonderful wedding program in another post.

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